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You’re a ghost driving a meat coated skeleton made from stardust, what do you have to be scared of?

Everything I’ve never done, I want to do with you.
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Everyday, remember #youareloved

Everyday, remember #youareloved

Parts of a Poem

The things I wish I had said earlier:

I feel hungry,

but its my heart craving you.

At night I imagine you holding me,

Your soft lips leaving a trail along

my neck and my shoulders

And your velvet skin pressed against mine

as my fingers surf the waves of your hair.

I hold you tight there, close to me,

like the first time your love swept me off my feet

in the middle of November.

Your love is passionate, yet pure.

Your kisses are endless,

so that each morning I wake up next to you

is a blessing I could never take for granted.

Its as if each kiss is merely a secret

your lips won’t let me hear,

because in consciousness we believe it’s too soon,

but our hearts are melting so fast,

they might be telling us something else.

I’m in love with the way we play,

you share your secrets with me

and read me your journals.

Our drunken lovemaking, our goofy faces,

and how we share with each other our deep sea of passions and thoughts.

I’m in love with how we stay up too late and we only ever finish half our Freebirds,

and how your favorite is being big spoon,

but you’ll fall asleep cuddling in my lap.

I want to kiss all the freckles on your lips every morning.

Yours to be the first eyes I lay mine on as they open.

Make dinner with you every night

as we dance to oldies.

I want to sing to you.

I want you to know my deepest inspirations, desires, and fears,

and be able to read me better than the back of your hand.

I want to undress your mind,

make love to your thoughts.

Watch you slowly let down the walls you’ve built up

and let me inside.

It brings me back to the days when first dates were he’s the one

and heartbreaks were i’m simply done.

A lust as strong as a gust

of wind, but this ones a knot that’s not giving in.

I see the future

when I look across the ocean,

when I wake up from a dream,

when I close my eyes to sleep.

This ones not meant to be weak.

You just being you

is my only expectation.

Everything we were was perfect for me.

That’s all I ever expected.

And when something seems the matter,

I just talk to you,

and everything’s better.

You being a part of my life

and somehow everything in the world is just right.

Lost in My Bedroom
Sky Ferreira
Ghost - EP

one of my favorites <3

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